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         From the beginning of the Kaliyuga (the age of Kali) in the background of unraveling the mysteries of palmistry and astrology, attempts have been made to understand these two sciences in its true perspective and in the process, other arts relating to knowing about one’s future have also emerged.

         While that being so, it is learnt through Puraanaas and sacred texts of the like, that in the olden days Sages were able to forecast the future of human beings, through their Divyadrushti. a divine or a supernatural vision that they possessed. While many sciences, in the wake of learning more and more about them, have been emerging one by one, many noble and great Rishis, due to the extraordinary visionary powers and the divine grace they possessed, had even ventured into writing in detail about the art of forecasting the future itself and so also about what is in store for the human race etc., in times to come. Forecasts predicted by the following eminent people like Narada, Vysya, Markandeya, Shuka, Basavanna, Vemanna, Retta Mathamvaru, Sankaracharya, Vidyaranya, Veerambattayya, Sarvagnudu, Bhanumandalamvaru, Kasi Bala Brahmeshwarudu, Santhana Yogi, Seelampati Gunda Botlu, Pasurupati Rami Reddy, Chennampalle Chenna Reddy, Konoori Obalayya, Parlapalle Paparaju, Annamayya, Kadamalla Maluva Kachibotlu, Ballapuram Bhogeshwarayya, Narayana Muni, Krishnamacharyulu, Verri Govindappa, Meenappayya, Kantasthalam Nagalingam, Kari Veeranna, Diddukuri Nagappa etc, One among them is Sri Madvirat Pothuluri Veerabrahmendra Swamy, who stands out as a great Sage and Astrologer of all times. Through his extraordinary vision and powers Veerabrahmendra Swami did yeomen, selfless and endless service to the entire mankind.

         While in the 17th century Sri Veerabrahmendra Swami handed down his power, his extraordinary faculty of future forecasting to the human race, the famous French Seer Nostradamus, through his prophesies had given a vivid account of how the future is going to be like, to the human race. Later on, Ceiro, Anwari, Eben Khasi, Malakhi and such other noted Astrologers have handed over to the world the abundant knowledge of the future Universe. The selfless service rendered by these great men remains a science of future accessible to the entire mankind of the day.

         Knowing and understanding about the future is not knowing about the destruction of the Universe but it is only to know about how one can avoid such a catastrophe from taking place and about the ceaseless efforts one has to make in that direction. These great Seers have handed over to the mankind their legacy in the shape of Kalagnanam, the knowledge about the future, to ensure the preparedness of the mankind in such eventualities.

         To do good to those who did harm to us, is the nature of the noblemen. Therefore, to inculcate the humane qualities and treading forward in rendering selfless service to the mankind is the need of the hour. This kind of approach to the mankind will only make the wishes of these great Sages meaningful and purposeful and make their dreams a reality! Therefore, our efforts in bringing out this ‘Kalagnani’ is only a small attempt made by us, to convey to the readers, an insight of the vivid description of what is going to happen in future to the Universe, as narrated by this great Seer, Astrologer of all times, with all our sincerity and the lucidity in the way we composed the text of his preaching and prophesies. We are sure our efforts will not go futile and unnoticed.

         We as the devotees of Sri Veerabrahmendra Swami with good intention and non-profit motive to propagate and canvass the teaching of Swami leads us to create this Website. Any suggestions and alterations are invited from the devotees towards further development of this Website. It has in any way has no relation with the Mattam located in Kandimallayapalle Village, Kadapa Dist.A.P., India.