Sri Siddayya Swamy Mattam, Mudumala

Siddayya Swamy Mattam

                The birth place of Sri Siddhayya, an important disciple of Sri Veerabrahmendra Swamiji, is: Mudumala. This is located at a distance of approximately 15 kilometers from the Mattam of Sri Veerabrahmendra Swamiji. Even though, Siddhayya is a muslim he earned name and fame as a great disciple of Sri Veerabrahmendra Swamiji. With his absolute and focused faith to Sri Veerabrahmendra Swamiji, he earned name and fame like no disciple like him. He once went to Banagana Palle to bring flowers to perform puja to the tomb of the Swamiji. On his return, he came to know that Swamiji had entered into his Samadhi for life, he was prepared to sacrifice himself, weeping for the Swami. In appreciation of the absolute faith, discipline and devotion to him, Sri Veerabrahmendra Swamiji was greatly impress by Siddhayya and presented him his Yogadanda, Padukas, Silamudrika and Kalagnana literature written on palmary leaves to him, while ordering him to remain in Rajayoga. He took these things with him to his village Mudumala and performed pujas regularly to these sacred gifts and finally entered into his Samadhi on the Eastern side, once for all. The gifts i.e., Sikhamudrika, Yogadandam, Padukas and the Kalagnana literature written on the Palmyra leaves are being put on display to enable the devotees pilgrims and tourists to see them for themselves, once in every year on the day of Moola Star. On the remaining days these things are preserved carefully in the adjoining room safely The devotees, pilgrims and the tourists can, still, see them with the permission of the Mattam’s Peetadhipathis. Pedda Peeraiah, one of the sons of Siddayya, having a great power of penance, had felt that the first prayer and pujas should be offered to him only by moving the tomb of his father aside and paving way for his tomb being preferred, so, there is a belief that his tomb was moved a little aside and since then performing first puja and offering prayers was being done to Pedda Peeraiah only and people followed this as a convention. On the Ugadi auspicious day special celebrations are conducted in the name of Pedda Peeraiah by offering pujas and prayers to him in a grand scale. The words “Ayya Vaaru” are visible on the Sikhamudrika. Along with them, one can see here many literary works written on Palmyra leaves collected by Siddayya Sswamiji. Here, a big neem tree with five faces (Panchamukhas) is a special attraction. Arthanareeswara Salagramam is located here only.

How to reach Sri Siddayya Swamy Mattam, Mudumala

Sri Siddayya Swamy Mattam, Mudumala is a famous Piligrimage Center in Kadapa Dist. In the state of Andhra Pradesh in India. Located Pop 3,105; (Lat. 14o50N; Long. 78°50E).

Mattam Bus

By Road:Mudumala Village is located 75 km from Kadapa. It is well connected by road. The preferable route is Kadapa-Mydukur-Amagampalle-Mudumala. From Mydukur the distance is 52 km. From Hyderabad the route is Hyderabad - Kurnool - Nandyal - Allagadda - Mydukur - Amagampalle - Mudumala. Direct buses are available from Badvel, Mydukur, Proddutur and Kadapa. Distance from Badvel to Mudumala is around 25 km. Guest houses are available at Mudumala (Siddayyagari Mattam).