Jaganmatha Sri Eshwari Devi's Cave

Eshwari Devi Cave

                Performing Poojas regularly at the tombs of her father Govinda Swamiji and for some time. This is located near the Konda Singaraya Swamiji’s temple, on the western side, located at a distance grandfather Sri Veerabrahmendra Swamiji, she herself did deep penance in the caves near Singarayakonda of 4 kilometers from Sri Veerabrabrahmendra swamiji’s Mattam. This cave is very small and narrow and one can enter in side, walking on the kneels, through focusing light. Some of the Sadhus still perform their penance here. For the convenience of the pilgrims, water facility is provided at the entry of the Cave and also staircase has been built to climb the hill up Bearing lot of labour and inconvenience, some of the pilgrims venture to enter inside the cave even now.

How to reach Eshwari Devi Cave at Mattam

Eshwari Devi Cave is a famous Piligrimage Center and Mandal Headquarters in Kadapa Dist. In the state of Andhra Pradesh in India. Located Pop 3,105; (Lat. 14o50N; Long. 78°50E).

Mattam Bus

By Road: Kandimallayapalle is located 60 km from Kadapa. It is well connected by road. The preferable route is Kadapa-Mydukur-Kandimallayapalle (Brahmamgari Mattam). From Mydukur the distance is 37 km. From Hyderabad the route is Hyderabad - Kurnool - Nandyal - Allagadda - Mydukur - Kandimallayapalle. Direct buses are available from Badvel, Mydukur, Proddutur and Kadapa. Distance from Badvel to Kandimallayapalle. is around 25 km. Guest houses are available at Kandimallayapalle (Brahmamgari Mattam).

Mattam Train

By Train: Kadapa (Cuddapah) Railway Station in Andhra pradesh is served by the South Central Railways. It is located in the city center and is on the Chennai-Mumbai line. Chennai Express, Mumbai Express, Rayalaseema Express, Cape Mumbai Express, Haripriya Express and Kanyakumari Express pass through this station. Computerized reservation facility is provided. Going east, the main station next to Kadapa is Nellore Railway Station (172 km) and moving west, the next main station is Anantapur Railway Station (157 km.)

Mattam flight

By Air:
Nearest International Airport: Tirupati (Renigunta) (142 km.)
Station Code: HX
Enquiry: +91 877 2275354

Kadapa Airport

Nearest Airport: Kadapa (Cuddapah) (59.1 km.)
Station Code: CDP
Enquiry: 91 8562 200130